Back to School- How Can Stress Affect Pregnancy

August 28, 2019

Stress and anxiety occur every day, but what about the added stress of going back to school? Preparing your children for the start of school, coordinating your physician appointments during pregnancy, or coordinating your class schedule—these are stressors many pregnant women experiences. 

How Can School Stress Affect You?

Prolonged stress and its effect during pregnancy is a debated topic. Some studies have suggested an effect of prolonged stress on the fetus. What are some of the debated complications and how can this affect your pregnancy?

  • Premature birth
  • Low birth weight
  • Indigestion in pregnant women
  • High blood pressure in pregnant women
  • Headache and sleep problems

How to manage school stress during pregnancy

  • What are your stressors? School schedules for your children? School schedule for yourself? Work schedule? Identify your stressors. Knowing the cause of your stress may be helpful in regulating your stress levels. 
  • Rest! Get plenty of rest. Day-to-day can be exhausting. The addition of pregnancy may contribute to your exhaustion.
  • Have a balanced, healthy diet and exercise when possible. This will keep you and the pregnancy healthy and may even decrease your stress levels.
  • Ask for help. Divvy out tasks if you’re overwhelmed. Reach out to your support system—whether this is a trusted family member, partner, or friend—they can help.
  • Meditation and therapy can both be helpful in decreasing stress levels. 

Day-to-day can be exhausting. Your health and your pregnancy’s health is a priority to us. There may be stressors occurring throughout your pregnancy, but knowing healthy ways to manage this in addition to knowing your support system and resources can help.