Our practice offers a full spectrum of prenatal diagnosis and cares for you and your baby from conception to birth. Our experienced physicians, genetic counselors, sonographers, and nurses ensure the best possible care in a warm and caring environment.

Obstetricians refer patients to Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialists for many reasons. These may include management of twins or triplets, determining genetic carrier status, (such as Tay-Sachs or Cystic Fibrosis), monitoring you for incompetent cervix and pre-term labor, counseling for age-related risks, screening for Down syndrome, and many other issues. Sometimes a single sonogram is enough to set your mind at ease. Other times we will continue to see you throughout your pregnancy.

Our team of physicians and counselors works closely with your obstetrician. Following each visit to our office, a report of your sonogram and any recommendations from our physicians, are sent to your obstetrician. At each visit with your obstetrician, you can discuss with him/her the findings and progress of your pregnancy. Your obstetrician remains your primary caregiver and will continue to see you for your regular visits and in most cases the delivery of your baby.