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Will my insurance cover my visit?2022-05-23T13:12:14+00:00

To check to see if your insurance will cover your visit, it is best to contact the member service number on your insurance card. If you have questions about procedure codes that we use when sending a claim to your insurance company or if you have questions about a referral, please give us a call at 301.279.6060.

What insurance companies do Greater Washington Maternal-Fetal Medicine and Genetics participate with?2022-05-26T19:11:14+00:00

We participate with most insurance companies. When scheduling your appointment please have your insurance card in hand so that we can confirm the name of your Insurance Company and your member ID number.

What do Genetic Counselors do?2022-05-26T19:11:41+00:00

Genetic Counselors:

  • Take a pregnancy history to identify any genetic risks or risks based on exposures during the pregnancy
  • Take a family history to identify possible genetic conditions, to determine recurrence risk, and to discuss possible follow up testing
  • Talk to families about their risks for genetic conditions based on age, family history, screening test results, etc
  • Discuss carrier screening options or results
  • Explain testing options, help with decisions, arrange special testing if necessary, and provide test results
  • Explain ultrasound findings and discuss possible testing options
  • Provide additional resources to families, including written materials, support groups, and referrals to other specialists
When will my CVS/Amniocentesis results be ready?2022-05-23T13:12:14+00:00

Preliminary results are typically available 2 to 3 days after the procedure. Final results from CVS/amniocentesis typically take 10-14 days. One of the genetic counselors will call you when these results are available.

What is the First Trimester Screening?2022-05-23T13:12:14+00:00

The First Trimester Screen is a method of screening for Down syndrome, Trisomy 18, and sometimes Trisomy 13. It involves a specialized ultrasound and a blood test at 11-13 weeks of pregnancy.

Is the First Trimester Screening Test for all women or just those who are over 35?2022-05-23T13:12:14+00:00

The risk for a chromosome abnormality increases as women gets older. However, any pregnancy can be affected by a chromosome disorder. Therefore, pregnant women of all ages are encouraged to have a First Trimester Screen. Women who are over 35 years of age may also consider diagnostic testing through CVS or amniocentesis.

Do I still need another blood test after the First Trimester Screen?2022-05-23T13:12:14+00:00

Yes, all women should consider completing a blood draw that measures a protein in their blood called AFP that screens for spina bifida and related conditions. This occurs around 16 weeks of pregnancy.

When is the earliest I can do my First Trimester Screen?2022-05-26T19:12:38+00:00

You may have your FTS blood test as early as 9-10 weeks gestation, allowing final results when you complete your nuchal translucency ultrasound in our office at 11-13 weeks. Please discuss this with the scheduler when making your appointment. If you prefer to only come to our office for one visit, you may come in at 11-13 weeks where we will complete your ultrasound and blood work on the same day. Results will then be available about 1 week after that appointment.

When can the gender of my baby be seen?2022-05-26T19:13:01+00:00

Most of the time the gender of the baby can be seen at about 20 weeks of pregnancy and very often, much earlier with the high-tech sonogram machines that we use. On the other hand, visualization of any fetal part depends on a number of factors such as the fetal position. There are times when the gender is unable to be determined on a specific sonogram visit.

When will my obstetrician get a report of my sonogram and visit from your office?2022-05-26T19:13:41+00:00

We usually send a report to your doctor within 24 hours after your visit. If necessary, our perinatologist will contact your doctor directly if findings need to be discussed at the time of the visit.

Should I call your office if I have symptoms that worry me?2022-05-26T19:14:14+00:00

If you feel you need immediate emergency treatment you should call 911. Otherwise, you should always call your obstetrician first so that you can discuss your concerns with him/her. Your obstetrician may wish to call the Maternal-Fetal Medicine physician to discuss the issue, or have you call during business hours to schedule an appointment.

Will I always see a doctor at each visit?2022-05-26T19:14:24+00:00

On some visits to our office, you will have the ultrasound exam performed by one of our certified sonographers and then the physician will visit with you to review and discuss the exam. At follow-up visits and some First Trimester Screen visits, you may often see the sonographer only. She will document the ultrasound images, pointing out the size, growth, movement, etc with you. Later, the physician will review the images and send a report to your obstetrician. Of course, if the sonographer sees anything during the exam that concerns her she will have the physician come into your room and review the sonogram.

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