What Are Expected Pregnancy Symptoms?

October 27, 2017

pregnancy-symptonsYour body begins to change very early during pregnancy. In fact, 60 percent of women begin to experience pregnancy symptoms by the time that they are six weeks pregnant. There are a number of symptoms that you may experience while you are pregnant. Please keep in mind, that not every woman experiences the same symptoms. Every pregnancy is different and some women don’t experience any of these symptoms at all! Here are a few of the more common symptoms:


Food Aversions

Foods that you once enjoyed may make you sick to your stomach while you are pregnant. You do not even have to eat the food in order to be averse to it. Many women feel sick when they smell certain foods. No one knows exactly why certain foods make pregnant women feel sick to their stomach. However, they do believe that the increase in estrogen plays a role.

Missed Period

This is often the first sign that women notice when they are pregnant. Your body sheds the uterine lining during your period. However, if you are pregnant, then the uterine lining will not shed. Even if you have an irregular period, you should still take a pregnancy test if you have been having unprotected intercourse.


Mood Swings

Mood swings are a symptom that could last throughout your entire pregnancy. The hormonal changes that you are going through are what cause your mood swings. Many pregnant women experience anxiety and depression.



Fatigue is another symptom that can last throughout your entire pregnancy. Your progesterone levels increase during pregnancy, which is why many people feel fatigued. You can increase your chances of getting a good night’s rest by sleeping in a cool room. Your body temperature increases during pregnancy, so this is another reason it is a good idea to sleep in a cool room.


Frequent Urination

This symptom will develop early in pregnancy. Unfortunately, it may get worse as the pregnancy progresses. Hormonal changes increase the rate at which the blood flows to the kidneys. As a result of this, your bladder will fill up more quickly, and you will have the urge to urinate.

Another reason this problem may worsen as you go throughout your pregnancy is because the baby may press down on your bladder. This not only increases urination frequency, but it also makes the urge to go more intense. You will also have a harder time controlling the urge to urinate.


Sore Breasts

Many women experience sore breasts right before they get their period. This symptom is also common in early pregnancy. Rising hormone levels can make the breasts sore and sensitive to the touch. Fortunately, this is one of the symptoms that will likely diminish as the pregnancy progresses.


Increased Heart Rate

This symptom is likely to develop by week 8. Your heart has to work harder to support the developing baby, which is why your heart rate will increase. Hormonal changes can also cause heart palpitations.