At Greater Washington Maternal-Fetal Medicine and Genetics in Fairfax, Virginia (GWMFM), we are a board of certified and dedicated physicians giving our expertise in maternal-fetal medicine to those who are expecting. From complicated maternal-fetal medical conditions to fetal diagnosis and genetic disorders, our extensive years of practice will ensure that you and your baby are in good health during and after your pregnancy.

With our state-of-the-art- ultrasound and diagnostic test technology, we will be able to evaluate the health and state of your baby before delivery. Any medical conditions that you also may be experiencing during pregnancy will be fully explained as well as a list of options for any necessary protocol.

Our Services Include:

3D Ultrasound

At GWMFM, we provide superior quality in our ultrasound machinery. With our advanced ultrasound equipment in 3D and 4D technology used in Fairfax, VA, we are able to efficiently and accurately measure the health and development of your baby. While our 3D ultrasound displays a classic 3-dimensional picture, our 4D ultrasound presents a 3-dimensional picture as well, but in real-time. During your ultrasound appointment, we also provide you with an early assessment of the viability, cervical length assessment, detailed anatomy evaluation, growth/biophysical profile, and doppler studies (UA and MCA).

During your pregnancy, it is imperative to make sure that the fetus is developing normally and to search for any problems that may be detected by the ultrasound. Such problems may include:

  • Bleeding
  • Pain
  • Uterine fibroids
  • Multiple gestations
  • Maternal medical conditions
  • Or any other unsuspected fetal abnormality

First Trimester Screening

During your first trimester, you are able to screen for risks of your child having down syndrome and another chromosome abnormality called Trisomy 18. As early as 11 weeks, this can be done via a blood test alongside a specialized sonogram. The specialized sonogram will measure the thickness of the skin on the back of the fetus’ neck which our specially trained physicians and sonographers will perform as a screened ultrasound test. With the combined blood test and measurements from the ultrasound, it will be sent to a specialized laboratory to see if you are at any risks.

Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS)

Between your 10th and 13th week of pregnancy, GWMFM in Fairfax, VA will perform a Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS). During this procedure, a physician will insert a needle through the abdomen into the placenta while using a high-resolution ultrasound for guidance. The physician may also insert a catheter through the cervix into the placenta to receive a sample of chorionic villi (cells from the placenta). These are then removed and will be tested for chromosomes or another biochemical DNA testing.

CVS is done earlier on in the pregnancy than amniocentesis so the results will return sooner. However, because there is no amniotic fluid that is removed, it can’t be screened for neural tube defects. Once the mother has hit her second trimester, she can then be screened via a blood test and ultrasound.

CVS Aftercare
Regular activities should be safe to resume once your CVS is completed. If your job requires physical activity, however, it is advised to opt-out of it until it has been 5-7 days after your procedure.

Amniocentesis Testing

After your 15th week of pregnancy, we will perform amniocentesis. This process consists of a high resolution ultrasound and a physician who uses it to sample some of the amniotic fluid from the sac. The sample is taken in order to detect any potential chromosome abnormalities, infections, genetic diseases, etc.

Some of the most common reasons mothers may choose to undergo amniocentesis testing are as follows:

  • They are age 35 or older at delivery
  • Previous child was born with an abnormality
  • One or both parents carry a chromosome translocation or genetic disease (Tay-Sachs, sickle cell anemia, etc)
  • Risk of fetal infection

Amniocentesis Aftercare

When it comes to amniocentesis aftercare, you should be able to continue most regular day-to-day activities. If anything requires strenuous physical activity, however, it is best to forego it until you are fully recovered. Follow the necessary guidelines given by your doctor in order to completely heal. Some of these guidelines include:

  • Staying off your feet as much as possible (24-48 hours after)
  • No exercise or heavy lifting
  • Minor bruising or soreness at the area of insertion
  • Vaginal Bleeding
  • Fever or Chills

Genetic Counseling

At GWMFM in Fairfax, VA, we offer genetic counseling to our patients. Several patients may benefit from this option and in some cases, genetic counseling helps to:

  • Make an informed decision regarding your testing options
  • Understand your test as well as the results
  • Be prepared for your results

Services you can expect to have included when you seek Genetic Counseling will be as follows:

  • Family Pedigree Analysis
  • Carrier Screening
  • Pre and post-test counseling for cell-free DNA and First Trimester Screening
  • Recurrent miscarriages/parental chromosome testing
  • Teratogen/medication exposure
  • Coordination/referral for specified care/support
  • Advanced Maternal Age

When you meet with the genetic counselor, he or she will go over your family history as well as your pregnancy history. The genetic counselor will also check for any other concerns and call you to discuss the results.

For all common and concerning questions patients may have, our genetic counselors have a prepared fact sheet to offer information. Genetic counseling is also available for carrier testing to those individuals who request it. Some of the common diseases we screen for are:

  • Tay-Sachs disease
  • Sickle cell disease
  • Cystic Fibrosis

For any other concerns that you may have regarding your pregnancy, our genetic counselors are always here to help.

Perinatologist Counseling

A Perinatologist refers to someone who is specialized in giving a woman and her fetus the proper care and treatment she needs during her pregnancy. At GWMFM in Fairfax Virginia, we specialize in caring for not only normal pregnancies but high-risk ones as well. It is important that we provide you with the quality treatment that you deserve so you and your partner can have a smooth-sailing pregnancy all the way to delivery. Though we specialize in treating normal pregnancies, our perinatologists are most suited in treating the following conditions a mother may be experiencing during her pregnancy.

Perinatologist Counseling includes the following services:

  • Pre-conception counseling
  • Cerclage
  • Management of High-Risk pregnancies (Diabetes, HTN, Maternal cardiac diseases, obesity, etc.)
  • Management of pregnancies with a history of preterm labor/delivery (17 P, progesterone)
  • Gestational Diabetes
  • Pregnancy-induced hypertension (PIH)
  • Lupus/Autoimmune disorders
  • Management of cancer patients during pregnancies
  • Management of IVF pregnancies
  • Management of multifetal gestations

High-Risk Pregnancy

A high-risk pregnancy may create challenges before, during, or after delivery. If you are someone involved in high-risk pregnancy, you may be required to receive special monitoring or care throughout your pregnancy by a perinatal doctor. It’s important to also know the factors involved and the causes that contribute to a high-risk pregnancy situation.

Certain factors that can be the contributing cause to a high-risk pregnancy range anywhere from lifestyle choices to present medical conditions. Other reasons for high-risk pregnancies are:

  • Advanced maternal age- age 35 or older
  • Underlying conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and epilepsy.
  • Certain pregnancy complications-problems with the uterus, cervix or placenta. Too much or too little amniotic fluid.
  • If the mother is carrying a set of twins or more

At GWMFM in Fairfax, VA, our high-risk pregnancy center is run by a team of specialized perinatal doctors whose mission is to help you determine the best course of action to take along the way in your pregnancy.

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