Medication Use During Pregnancy

July 28, 2020

medication use during pregnancyPregnancy can be an exciting journey for the expectant mother – especially if it is your first time. Apart from new experiences and hormonal changes, some women may also experience health issues such as diabetes, morning sickness or high blood pressure. Pregnant women are more exposed to these health problems due to body changes. 

Should you take medicine?

Like any other individual, a pregnant woman may take medications. However, not all medicines are safe to take when you are pregnant. What are a few steps that should be taken when considering medication use?

  • Ask questions

Always talk to your Ob-Gyn or maternal-fetal medicine specialist first before you take or stop taking any medication. They will discuss the benefits and the risks for you and your baby when taking certain medications. Medication dosage or type may be adjusted to better suit you during pregnancy.

  • Read the label

 Always check the drug label and other information necessary about the medicine you are thinking about taking. Do not begin or stop taking medications without first speaking with your doctor. Your doctor will decide if you should take it or not.

  • Report problems

When taking medication and you experience certain side effects, report it right away to your doctor. 

Is it okay to take supplements and vitamins during pregnancy?

Many people can benefit from taking vitamins, but pregnant women can especially benefit from taking vitamins. Always talk to your doctor about the type of vitamins they would like you to take. They may have different dosages or ingredients in mind for your pregnancy. Folic acid is especially helpful in pregnancy. Your doctors will often recommend specific amounts of folic acid in the prenatal vitamins you take. 

It can be hard to know what medicine is safe for your baby. Always talk with your doctor first for suggestions and recommendations regarding vitamins or medication use in pregnancy.