Simple Safe COVID19 Practices For Pregnant Women

August 28, 2020

preganant woman wearing mask during pandemic

The pandemic has affected us in so many ways. Since March, we all have had to adjust our everyday routines. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are groups of individuals that may be at higher risk and should take extra caution. This may seniors, people with underlying health conditions, or pregnant women.

Pregnant women may develop severe respiratory illness among other health concerns when exposed to Covid-19. Fever can also affect the pregnancy during the first trimester. Obstetricians and other medical experts have continued to spread awareness in the community on the importance of protecting those most vulnerable to the virus. Some of these safe practices include:

● Wear a mask and wash your hands
It is essential to follow medical experts’ recommended advice even when just performing ordinary everyday errands. This also important if you are working in an office or attending prenatal appointments. Wear a protective mask all the times when in public places and wash your hands often. You can also carry hand sanitizer so you can still sanitize without soap and water.

● Social distancing
Remain six-feet away from people at all times. This is especially important if you are not from the same household. Before participating in social-distancing friendly activities such as eating outside or walking in a park, make sure to check their safety practices first. Is management observing proper hygiene and disinfection? Are the staff wearing face masks or face shields? Are people far enough away from each other?

● Plan your delivery
Contact your OB and plan your delivery. Hospital births are perfectly acceptable with proper planning. Check with the hospital and your obstetrician about their precautionary measures and COVID19 protocol. Ask about visitor restrictions and personal items that you can bring with you.

Be careful accepting visitors
After your delivery, friends and family will want to meet the baby. Although it’ll be great to see familiar faces again after the months of quarantining and social distancing. Having people from different households over can increased your risk for exposure- not just for you, but also for your baby. If you have visitors, be sure to plan for social distancing and wear a mask. Also try to stay out of confined crowded areas. If possible, do a virtual visitation instead. This will still allow them to meet the newest addition to the family without risking exposure.

As states continue to open, guidelines for going about our day to day activities might change. It’s incredibly important to keep yourself updated with these changes and make sure you are comfortable with any interactions you may have.